You are meant to fully live, no matter what you have been through!

Connect with someone further down the road of a similar journey you know will bring you back to life. A guide who knows how so many have found meaning in their lives after experiencing indescribable pain resulting from the death of a loved one, unbearable loneliness when fearing to reveal the truth, and heartbreaking confusion when those who say they love you only try to control you. You can look forward to the future.

It is natural for even resilient grievers to have trouble focusing, sleeping, eating, and to feel a roller coaster of emotions. Preoccupation with loss, fearing feelings, prolonged isolation, and overindulgence in distractions are signs of someone who may benefit from support. Knowledgeable about grief expert research, a Certified Master Grief Coach can empower you to heal in a way that works best for you. You decide your grief goals and a coach supports and inspires you in achieving them.

Example Grief Goals

  • Understanding grief and healing
  • Resolving individual specific grief challenges
  • Talking with someone who can empathize
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Finding meaning in post-traumatic growth
  • Building a new normal
  • Understanding common spiritual experiences

The death of a loved one or major life change can affect every area of your life. The more you focus on what you value, the less negative emotions are triggered. Knowledgeable about best practices for every major area of life, a Certified Master Grief Coach can empower you to gain control over your life. You decide your life goals and a coach helps you move past limiting beliefs to find hope, so you can experience more than you ever thought was possible in life.

Major Area Life Goals

  • Thought, emotion, and mindfulness
  • Organization and productivity
  • Life mystery
  • Critical tasks completed
  • Physical health
  • Financial planning
  • Loving relationships
  • Fun and pleasure
  • Career and helping others
  • Dreams achieved

Phone, Video Chat, Text or In Person depending on location
An interpreter or translation service can be used for languages other than English. 

  • Convenient and confidential
  • Call for current schedule (330) 285-0989

In Person Location Options

  • Public library private meeting room
  • Public location you choose like a church meeting room

Grief coaching is not meant to take place of traditional grief counseling but supplements and strengthens one's desire to act upon the healing process each day with guidance of a coach. 

Master Grief Coaching Certification

Being a Certified Master Grief Coach may enhance the following types of careers: medical, behavioral, emergency response, naturopathy, nursing homes, social work, hospice, clergy, spiritual guides, volunteering, education, funeral directing, human resources, law, massage therapy, mind/body techniques, real estate, and cosmetology.